Shelby GT350 Vs. Challenger SRT Hellcat Review! Choose One?

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While the likes of the Mustang Shelby GT350 and a Dodge Challenger Hellcat ...

While the likes of the Mustang Shelby GT350 and a Dodge Challenger Hellcat won’t become popular anytime soon on Holland’s sales charts, there is no denying how appealing they are.

This Dutch review of the two American rivals has the very Need For Speed-like theme that we can all appreciate. Not only is that Hellcat looking like the real rough rider, but the Police Interceptor conversion on the Shelby GT350 is equally delightful.

The owner went with the Police-themed wrap, added the push bar and police lights to make that thing look like it’s seen more action than John McClane. And according to the man behind the wheel, this is the most awesome GT350 he could find in the Netherlands.

In terms of looks, a Challenger Hellcat doesn’t exactly fall behind, seen as how all classic muscle car fans can appreciate its retro-modern design – and which will probably never get old.

As for performance, these two vehicles are very different, however, you won’t be falling behind with either of them, as long as you find sufficient traction to put all those horses to good use.

And then there’s the noise, but we’ll let you decide which of these brawlers sounds more…mean.

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