Shocking Video Shows Timber Truck Crashed Into A Herd of Cows

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

What was the point of the driver when he makes the disastrous truck accident like ...

What was the point of the driver when he makes the disastrous truck accident like this, causing too much damage on the go, killing animals too?

What this driver was thinking nobody knows, and his truck crashed into the herd of cows, killing some of them on the spot. Clearly we can see that the truck was coming from up the hill probably in N gear and this driver couldn’t stop the truck on time, when he came to the herd of cows, the truck crashed into them, killing three or four and injuring many more.

Well, this is one example how timber trucks should not be driven, or these drives should be without the job. We can see how the other cows are gathering around the dead cows and that they check if they are really dead, and they’ll stay there because they are feeling sorry for their mates.

After this crash too many people gathered on the site, as well as the police and the firemen, and if the owner needs some help around the herd they will do everything to help him.

It was like the truck was coming from the free fall, the driver didn’t even try to steer clear from the herd of cows, this truck crashed into them like that was the intention of driving.

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