Shut Down! Tokyo Underground Car Meet Broken Up By The Police

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One might wonder why the group of Tokyo drifters and non-sliding car aficionados ...

One might wonder why the group of Tokyo drifters and non-sliding car aficionados couldn’t wait for this year’s edition of the Tokyo Auto Show and had to organize the underground meet one night before the event kicked off.

Well, the answer obviously had to do with the joy these gear heads experience when getting together in the car park, but not everybody in the city was as happy about the unofficial event as those who attended it.

And the Japanese enthusiasts got together on the evening of January 12, and with the meet taking place inside an underground car park in the Odaiba, Tokyo Bay’s artificial island.

YouTuber noriyaro, who constantly delivers the adventures from the Land of the Rising Sun, attended the meet.

From the very moment the vlogger arrived at the meet, he had the difficult time reaching the parking lot, due to the hefty police road blocks surrounding the area.

It didn’t take long for Wangan Police to enter the underground parking and shut down the event. The drivers were obviously reluctant to leave the arena, and they were eventually persuaded to exit the parking.

Luckily for the juicy bit of the video below, many of the drivers who had attended the event decided to get together at the Nikko Circuit for the drifting session later in the month.

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