MOST SKILLED OPERATOR EVER-319D LN Climbing Onto Railcar!!!

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When it comes to handling the big machines, huge trucks and so on, we can come to ...

When it comes to handling the big machines, huge trucks and so on, we can come to the conclusion that nothing is too HARD to drive!

It all sums up at how steady hands you have, how clear your mind is! Actually, right now, we’re going to show you what a man can do with the Caterpillar 319D LN!

All of you who are following our categories that are featuring different heavy vehicles, some of those big construction machines, are well aware that despite the fact that they’re weighting several tons, are also very robust, when there is the skilful driver behind the wheel, it appears that they can do almost everything.

To put it in another way, for the good driver and operator, there is no such thing as too difficult and too hard. The video below that we have prepared for you today, is the perfect demonstration of that. It features one of those big and heavy Caterpillar 319D LN excavators, climbing onto the rail car, to do the job that needs to be done.

Even though at first, the task appears to be almost impossible to be done (taking into the account that the excavator is not the very flexible machine, and that climbing a rail car is not the piece of cake), this is the great demonstration of the full potential of this big machine, the skills of the man that operates it. Watch this video and you will see what I’m talking about.

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