This Skinny Car is Surprisingly The Street King! Unbelievable!

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Have you heard about Skinny cars? Why are they called such? Skinnies are cars that ...

Have you heard about Skinny cars? Why are they called such? Skinnies are cars that are literally skinny and light. Knowing that a huge mass were stripped off from a car, it could drastically increase the performance yet it lessens the driver security. In this video, we will get a chance to see Skinnies in action. Skinnies is absolutely the street machine as it dominates 2014 Cash Days street race! Skinnies is basically a twin turbo LSx engine powered Fox body Mustang with 1000 horsepower. With its 408i LSx Motor, 78mm Turbos at only 21psi, and a suspension to make this car hook on gravel, this car is definitely unstoppable. In this video, the car can be seen beating various other cars including a 1000hp LSX Truck, a 550hp Nitrous SBF Fox, 800hp Nitrous LSX Fox aka Beater Bomb, Nitrous Fairmont and Turbo Fox. Even though it dominates the entire race, Skinnies was beaten by a 1150hp Nitrous Fox. It was a close battle though! Check this badass car in action below!

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