Small Rotary Swapped Toyota Does A Fascinating Pass At The Drag Race

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Swapped engines can make boring cars exceptionally cool. Take for example this ...

Swapped engines can make boring cars exceptionally cool. Take for example this Toyota Starlet which had its original engine ripped off and swapped for the rotary unit.

The 2100lb car just becomes capable of finishing 1320 feet at 200 mph. It is definitely scary to drive this thing, but the boys did some insane passes. The best quarter of a mile pass was at incredible 7.01 s. This is far more than anyone would image possible.

However, driving such a light car at such extraordinary speed is not exactly a walk in the park. As you can see in the video, the driver really had to fight with the wheel, with the wheelstands and with insane power rotary engine sends to the rear wheels.

Nevertheless, the small Toyota handled it all thanks to massive rear tires and quite a substantial wheelie bar at the back. See, the car is exceptionally light. The small rotary unit does not act as an anchor keeping the front end down.

So, massive tires shoot the Starlet up in the air in a matter of seconds. Luckily, with right reactions, everything is possible to keep in check. We will repeat – this small rotary swapped Toyota just clocked 7.01 at the drag strip. Amazing.

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