Here Is The Sound Of A Rare 1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ 1 Make On A Track

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Already heard what sounds an Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ 1 make in a track? Well ...

Already heard what sounds an Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ 1 make in a track? Well they’re pretty rare so I can’t blame you if you haven’t but surely the blame will be on you if you don’t grab this chance. The car was spotted in Grand Prix Middelharnis and its the TZ 1 in red paint.

The Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ 1 has a “1” in its name to distinguish from the latter versions of it. Produced in a limited number of quantities during the 1960s, this car is considered a rare collectible nowadays. With a tubular spaceframe chassis, all-aluminum body and independent suspension, this purpose built racing car is lightweight at only 1,430 lbs. and can make a top speed of 134 mph. Well the quest for performance didn’t end their as extensive researches brought a design and body style that was ultimately adapted for the TZ 1. Some kind of tail treatment was employed and its called the Kamm tail. The principle is simply to chop off a portion of the car tail to result in an increase in drag while a decrease in lift or sometimes even some downforce. Not quite sure if this one below still has the stock engine but as an information, original TZ 1 is fitted with a 1,570 cc straight-4 DOHC 112 bhp engine.

Maybe an oldie but still kicking in its impressive exhaust sounds. This one’s in HD so give yourself a treat and check it out!

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