South African BMW M6 Skids Out Of Control Into A Concrete Wall

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

It is super-coupe versus masonry in the true heavyweight battle of our time, and ...

It is super-coupe versus masonry in the true heavyweight battle of our time, and after this South African driver, clearly speeding, loses control and almost wipes out another vehicle.

There is a time and the place to drive your powerful BMW like you stole it, and it is not through the residential area.

The driver in this video, though, who for all we know might genuinely have nicked the BMW M6 involved in this crash, thought they could get away with it. They were wrong.

The vehicle is captured on the secure building’s CCTV cameras as it careers around the bend dangerously close to the oncoming Volkswagen Polo.

The Volkswagen Polo forces the driver to over-correct and he loses control, fishtailing before slamming straight into a wall being monitored by the security cameras. Well, we noticed two seriously impressive things here, neither of which were the idiot’s driving.

The first is how well the BMW M6 stands up to the impact with the wall, arguably taking less damage than a completely demolished brickwork.

The second is how quickly the airbags inflate. And from one frame to the next in the CCTV footage they are suddenly there.

Anyway, we don’t need to add the warning not to try this at home, but seriously, don’t.

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