Spanish Ferry Plows Directly Into the Massive Harbour Wall

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Just last week we presented you

Just last week we presented you this tense footage of a huge German cargo ship nearly plowing right through the Hong Kong university’s football field. The ship’s captain lost control of the vessel due to engine malfunction. Yet, he managed to prevent what seemed like an inevitable crash by dragging the anchor, which is the last resort in case of a failure to control the ship.

Now it’s your turn to find out what happens when a manual anchor drop provides no results.

The incident you’re about to see occurred in a Las Palmas harbor when a ferry experienced electrical failure. The ship consequently plowed nose-first through a massive harbor wall, with huge chunks of concrete falling onto parked vehicles.

Incredibly, no one of  140 people present on board was seriously hurt in the crash. But this is some serious power right here.

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