Spanish Police Raid Illegal Car Factory Manufacturing Fake Supercars

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Police in the Spanish city of Girona have arrested three people and for producing ...

Police in the Spanish city of Girona have arrested three people and for producing counterfeit Lamborghinis and Ferraris in breach of industrial property rights.

Local media outlet La Voz de Galicia says that the police started investigating the company after the fake Ferrari was discovered in Benidorm.

It is reported that police were then able to track down who built that fake Ferrari, later discovered the secret workshop.

During a raid on the facility, 14 vehicles were found, four of which were ready for sale while the others were still in the process of being built.

Among the vehicles seized were the counterfeit Ferrari 458 Italia, multiple fake Ferrari F430 Spiders and the 430 Scuderia.

It is thought that most, if not all, of the counterfeit cars were based around existing Toyota models and sold for upwards of 41,000 euros ($43,000) online.

If this entire story seems strangely familiar, you would be right. In 2013, another Spanish company was found by police to be selling fake supercars.

Kit set cars or kit cars are not fakes! Putting BMW badges on the Honda don’t make it a fake car. They make it a Honda with BMW badges.

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