Spectators Of A Boat Launch Nearly get Wiped Out! INSANITY!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Anyone who has ever watched a boat launch into the water knows just how intense ...

Anyone who has ever watched a boat launch into the water knows just how intense the drop into the water can be. However, if you have never watched one then it may surprise you to find out that they do not gently lower boats into the water. Instead, they drop them in for a messy sight that never fails to bring a large crowd around to watch.

In this video we join in on one of those ship launches, but this one definitely drops with an intensity we have never witnessed before. As son as the boat is dropped into the river bank the water rushes onto the land and creates a massive wav e that nearly wipes away all of the spectators who gathered to watch. Fortunately, most of them were able to flee the scene before the water got them, but a couple were not so lucky and end up getting completely soaked!

To witness the wild boat launch click the video below!

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