Steal A McLaren Prank Is Too Perfect And Hilarious !

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It’s not everyday that you run into the Mantis Green McLaren 650S Spider and ...

It’s not everyday that you run into the Mantis Green McLaren 650S Spider and certainly not often that you will find one unlocked, unattended and just waiting to be stolen in the desolate parking lot.

YouTuber Joey Salads decided that this could be quite the interesting concept for the public prank and set about filming some would-be McLaren thieves.

Well, he and his mates set up the British supercar’s driver seat with the exposed wires from the remote-controlled dog shock collar and watched the unsuspecting locals jumping inside the vehicle that was just waiting to be stolen.

A McLaren with the key sitting in the center console? Obviously, the number of people couldn’t resist the temptation, took the bait and got in, and only to be unpleasantly surprised by the vicious electric shock from the seat.

If it seems too good to be true, then it probably isn’t, folks. And should have known better… These people are terrible. They laugh at people getting hurt.

I’m not defending the people that tried to steal it, but if they see the nice car with keys just abandoned like that, they will obviously try to take it.

What if someone was wearing non-conductive pants and shirt and they just drove away and didn’t notice the dog collar?

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