Steel Bodied No Prep Drag Racing For 10 Grand Is Astonishing

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Big Tire Battles never seem to lose their appeal. We have a new one right here ...

Big Tire Battles never seem to lose their appeal. We have a new one right here thanks to our guys at No Prep Event, Tulsa Raceway Park. Yes, it is a lot of sounds to bear on this one for sure, but you’d be more than amazed by all the fascinating cars appearing at the start line.

America really has a whole lot of dragsters ready to do some really, really amazing business. The most important thing about it all is the fact that this class actually includes only Steel bodied muscle cars with VIN numbers. So, no extreme mods here. Although, we are not considering them stock at all.

Friday Night ‘Old School’ Big Tire Class at Redemption 6.0 No Prep Event showed us one thing for sure – no prep events are far cooler than any other type of racing.

This is racing for a 10 grand high prize but the whole raw nature of it all puts us back in time when people were really racing on a quarter of a mile from the lights. This is how it should be. And considering the comments below the video, people would really pay for it – and pay handsomely as well.

Now, the video will show you a number of awesome fast steel bodied cars, extreme passes and even fantastic wheelies. Many familiar faces can be seen too. Just watch and enjoy your time.

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