Stock Hellcat Sets Fantastic New Record On The Drag Strip Again

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Dodge Challenger Hellcat proved to be the ultimate muscle car. People love it, ...

Dodge Challenger Hellcat proved to be the ultimate muscle car. People love it, tuners too and real ‘Mericans can’t get enough of it.

Now, the Challenger went an extra mile setting an all new record with stock parts. Ok, not everything is stock on this particular Challenger as the engine has been massaged to deliver around 1,000hp. Pulley upgrade, and possibly an ECU remap did improve the power by quite a margin.

And yes, the nitrous pack was inside too. On the other hand, the owner left everything else untouched – including the transmission, the suspension and everything else more or less. It may be that the car used radial drag tires.

Just to remind you, a stock Challenger Hellcat can make 1,320 feet run in 11.2 seconds. With the radial drag tires, the time gets down to 10.8 seconds. This is quite a feat for a massive car, but this particular machine is faster. A lot faster.

It covered 1,320 feet in 9.29 seconds, beating the previous record for stock cars by 0.2 seconds. What we have here is a pretty much stock Hellcat with a stock supercharger and all other parts but capable of slashing the drag strip in fascinating 9,.29 seconds.

This is an achievement not many cars can do. But, it is not all done with the latest run. The team wants to slash the time under 9 seconds.

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