Stories Behind the INSANE Cars Used in “Fate of the Furious”

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The guys behind the popular YouTube Channel 1320video were in Universal Studios in ...

The guys behind the popular YouTube Channel 1320video were in Universal Studios in LA for the premier of the Fate of the Furious. They got to check out the movie and what it’s all about before it came out in theaters. More importantly, they were able to see in the flesh the insane cars used during filming and learned how they were built.

The grand wizard credited for the cars’ looks and surprises in each installment of the US$4 billion movie franchise is Dennis McCarthy. He led the team that conceptualized, purchased, assembled and/or modified every amazing ride in the film, from Dominic Toretto’s Chevrolet Impala and Lety’s super sleek Chevrolet Stingray Corvette to Roman Pearce’s screaming orange Murcielago.

About 300 to 400 cars were either purchased or built for FF8 and believe it or not everything came together in just three months! McCarthy begins his tedious work for each movie meeting with the writer and the segment director to develop ideas. He sourced the cars from various auctions and wrecking yards, then modified them. It was a tough task, to say the least, because the script was in a perpetual state of flux.

As for the crazy stunts, some CGI is obviously used, but almost everything you see on the big screen involves real cars with real drivers. Watch the video to learn how the vehicles were made, along with some amusing tidbits about the cast and the film in general.

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