Story About The Biggest Hot Hatch Name In The Business – The GTI

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Volkswagen GTI is legendary. It was the first hot-hatch and when it appeared a ...

Volkswagen GTI is legendary. It was the first hot-hatch and when it appeared a long time ago, it was a cheap way to countermeasure the Porsche drivers. It really could do that with its small 110hp engine.

Now, seven generations later, the Golf GTI is still an icon and possibly the most sought after hot-hatch ever. It is fast, comfortable, reliable, usable and quite entertaining.

Here we have a chance to witness all seven generations driven by Ben Collins himself. Yes, he is an F1 driver and a man who was the Stig for years. Golf did not actually create the hot hatch segment, but it did become the most important car in this segment of all time.

Sure, here you can learn all the important stuff about this car including the numbers and rather objective things about the GTI.

For the starters, the third and the fourth weren’t actually the best, but they kept the legend going. Nowadays, we have the most powerful GTI of all time – the GTI Clubsport S. It is a car who holds the FWD Nurburgring title. Sure, “normal” GTIs are far more sensible with 220hp or 230 hp engine. The Clubsport S goes with more than 300.

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