This Stroller Brand Made An Exact Replica So Parents Could Test-Ride It

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Baby strollers, as the name implies, are made for the babies. However, in this ...

Baby strollers, as the name implies, are made for the babies. However, in this video that we have for you today, you’ll have the pleasure of seeing the huge baby stroller specifically made for adults!

Something like this actually exists, and believe it or not! It is manufactured by the company Kolcraft, it is called the Contours bliss stroller. This huge baby stroller is approximately 7 feet tall, it is fully functional as well.

Apparently, the stroller was designed to give the parents the chance to see the life from the perspective of their kids. We can all agree that we know someone who definitely needs something like this in their lives. Well, several people in the video below ride in this huge baby stroller and reactions of people are priceless.

Many people laughed when first saw it, and some wondered what it is, one guy even took out his phone and started filming!

Furthermore, the adult baby stroller caught the attention of almost every person that was near it. And it might look funny, but we are certain that there are people who would gladly purchase this stroller.

Whether it is actually made to be sold, or just made for marketing purposes, we don’t know.

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