The Stunning White Zombie Nova Makes A Drag Racing Debut!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

To a drag racing enthusiast, there’s nothing better than seeing some fresh ...

To a drag racing enthusiast, there’s nothing better than seeing some fresh blood on the dragstrip, and this badass Nova is definitely on the hunt! It’s called White Zombie, and it’s certainly a lot faster than your average flesh-eating monster.

The first thing everyone notices about this stunning ride is its phenomenal design, especially noticeable with that unique paint job. Coming from the same team as the already world famous Swamp Thing, this racer certainly has tons of potential.

In regards to the setup, it’s basically the same deal as with the Swamp Thing, only helped by a few more carburetors. If history is any measurement, this ride should be insane! However, it’s also fair to mention that most racers don’t hit it off during the first couple of runs, as it takes a bit of time to iron out those initial kinks.

Right from the start, this thing made quite a show, as it spun out in both runs! Fortunately, everything was fine, as the driver was able to keep things relatively under control, but the audience got quite a scare. There’s plenty of work to be done here for sure, but the final results will surely be nothing short of amazing!

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