Stupid People, Who Do Not Understand The Blind Spot Of A Truck!

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We have all made stupid decisions in our lives, but if we are still here to talk ...

We have all made stupid decisions in our lives, but if we are still here to talk about them, well, then it either means they weren’t all that stupid, or we just got incredibly lucky.

Let’s just say that there is no point for this woman’s descendants to ever try the lottery because she is used up her entire family’s dose of luck.

If we didn’t tell you it all ends well, and trust us, you would be cringing or even closing your eyes as you watched this video, depending on how strong your stomach is.

Common sense would tell you not to cross a road in un unmarked area. And common sense would also tell you, out of all vehicles, not to do it in front of the semi.

It’s the same common sense that is supposed to suggest getting below the driver’s line of sight is the bad, bad idea.

Finally, approaching the vehicle from the right while the driver is checking a traffic to his left is akin to signing your own execution papers.

And yet the woman in this video ignored all these facts, thought to herself what? it is not like he’s going to run me over and began her journey. Unluckily, so did the truck driver, it was just pure luck that kept this encounter from turning into the bloodbath.

The truck pushed her for the few meters until she lost her balance and fell. She was fortunate enough to land to the side of this truck, thus steering clear of its wheels.

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