Subaru WRX STI And Bird Of Prey Fight Over A Turtle. The Scooby Wins

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As cool as that hood scoop might look on the WRX STI, the fact that it can feed on ...

As cool as that hood scoop might look on the WRX STI, the fact that it can feed on more than just air can be the bit of a nuisance.

Of course, this sort of incident doesn’t really happen every day, and which is obvious once you get to see the driver’s reaction to what he had to pull out of a scoop.

Basically, what happened is that some bird of prey was feasting on the turtle in the middle of the road, and as the vehicle was approaching, it tried to fly away while dragging its meal with it.

Unluckily for everyone, it couldn’t clear the Subaru’s hood scoop in time, so in the end, the vehicle got to feed on the turtle as well.

The driver pulled over immediately and after taking the few pictures (or a video) with his phone, he started removing bits of the turtle from a scoop, cleaning it before setting off again.

It was probably best (less costly) that what was left of that turtle hit a scoop instead of the windshield, the only real problem was actually cleaning up the mess.

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