Suicidal Cyclist Does His Best To Stay In Trucks Blind Spot

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As the urban cyclist myself, I tend to side with the other bicycle users whenever ...

As the urban cyclist myself, I tend to side with the other bicycle users whenever there is the conflict with the driver breaking out.

But that doesn’t mean I’m blind to all the crazy, illegal, asometimes even plain stupid things that cyclists do – not at all, it is just that in most cases, it was the driver who was at fault.

Well, there are so many people behind wheels who aren’t used to the idea of having the bicycles around as well that incidents – most of them minor, fortunately – are bound to happen.

Besides, it is the exposed nature of the cyclist that makes you assume from a start they couldn’t have been in the wrong. It is like watching the panda and a rhino get in the fight: you are gonna root for the cute bear by default, and even after you find out the black and white bastard took the rhino’s food and threw it off the cliff, just for fun.

In this situation, though, you just can’t do that. You are happy the cyclist was OK even though he literally got rear-ended (with a touch of the side swipe) by this semi truck. In fact, apart from getting in this situation, he handled everything impeccably.

The video may be the little deceiving at first watch if you don’t watch closely. It is only when you notice that all that cluster of cyclists was sitting in the left-turn-only (this is London, so that’s the right-turn-only for us) lane that you realize this truck driver isn’t the blood-thirsty monster you initially thought he was.

What basically happened was that the group of nine cyclists pulled up alongside the semi at the traffic light, but since they are used to roll all the way to a front of the queue, they did that here as well.

Except in doing so, and they made two mistakes: the first was to occupy the left-turn-only lane, even though they were going straight; the second was sitting in this truck driver’s blind spot.

It may look as though this driver was aware the cyclist was there, and we sincerely doubt anyone is crazy enough to hit somebody on the bicycle with the semi truck on purpose.

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