The Sun Causes Biker To Lose Visibility – Ploughs Into The Back Of A Car!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Who doesn’t love a sunset? Many people may be quick to say NO ONE! However, if you really think hard you will remember the blinding light that occurs while driving in the midst of a sunset.The sun often hits a very awkward angle where it makes it nearly impossible to see the road in front of you!

In those rare instances many of us will be quick to say we do not like sunsets in that moment. However, the guy in this video may be permanently put off! He loses complete visability while driving on a local road and unfortuantely fails to see a car in front of him! In a matter of seconds his bike ride goes from a beautiful (yet blinding) experience to a near death crash!

It is defintiely a cautionary video to drive very slow in bad driving conditions! We are just glad the rider was okay!

To witness the brutal crash click the video below!