Super Rare Ferrari FXX K Sounds Biblical At The Daytona Oval Track

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Ferrari FXX K is the ultimate Ferrari anyone can have. It is not possible to reach ...

Ferrari FXX K is the ultimate Ferrari anyone can have. It is not possible to reach further, to go faster, or to buy something cooler. As a racing version of the LaFerrari, the FXX K is as hardcore as it gets.

Not only does it have that sinister look, strangely placed wings, and winglets, or exceptionally low stance, but this 1050hp hybrid also sounds biblical.

The video captured at the Daytona oval track proves that to the point. It will give you eargasms, leave you speechless or even make you work harder to touch what seems to be a crowning example of human evolution and ingenuity.

The car itself is based on the Ferrari LaFerrari, but as it is prepared for racing it features many subtle changes to its suspension, weight, transmission setup and especially aero features.

However, what we find the most astonishing is the fact that massive 6.3 liter V12 inside freely revs up to 9.000 rpm. Considering that you’d change gear up in most cars at 6.000 rpm, then you may only imagine how does it sound up that high.

Actually, do not imagine it, just click play and try to believe something this invigorating actually exists.

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