Supercharged LHD 1967 MGB GT Is An Exciting Little Car

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To every fan of the Youtube channel “The Smoking Tire” this might seem ...

To every fan of the Youtube channel “The Smoking Tire” this might seem like a deja vu. Didn’t Matt just recently drive one of these cars? To answer your question, yes he did. Although, keen observers already noticed a few not too subtle differences.

For starters, this one is painted red, opposite to silver on the previous model. Furthermore, unlike its predecessor, it sports a left side steering. However, the biggest change can be found under the hood. The base unit was only good for about 95 horsepower, while this one is supercharged, raising the overall number by about 20%. With such a lightweight vehicle, this difference is easily noticeable, and more than welcome, if I may add.

Naturally, it still isn’t a speed demon, but it has just enough grunt to spice things up and make it interesting. One thing you probably also noticed is the sound, and that is a product of an aftermarket exhaust. For around $30,000, this seems like a really cool deal, if you are into classic cars. What a stunning small automobile!

To find out how it handles the canyon roads, click on the video below and watch it in action. Chances are you will be pleasantly surprised.

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