Supercharged ‘Vette C6 Tries It Out With Bad Charger Hellcat

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If you look at this video on Youtube, you may notice that the uploader noted the ...

If you look at this video on Youtube, you may notice that the uploader noted the race was held on “a closed road in Mexico City, Mexico.” Now, we are not sure that is the case, but who really cares. What is interesting is that people from the US usually go down to Mexico to race on highways.

The police are probably much slower to react to shenanigans Americans with muscle cars are doing on a daily basis.

The latest race you can witness here includes some special cars – the stock Dodge Charger Hellcat and a rather awesome C6 Corvette Grand Sport. In this case, Corvette does not come as a stock car. No, No! The owner had it tuned and installed Vortech Supercharged. Power jumped considerably.

So much so that the Corvette can stack up against the might of the Dodge Charger Hellcat. Bear in mind that the Challenger Hellcat is only a fraction faster compared to the Charger Hellcat. After all, 707hp 6,2-liter supercharged V8 is enough for both.

We cannot point to a clear winner here. The Corvette is fast and powerful, the Charger as insane as ever, so please have a look and decide who is the winner. The race definitely is really exciting.

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