This Is Superfast Racing Model S With Incredible Acceleration

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It’s finally happening. Tesla Model S will go racing. For real. We saw the car a ...

It’s finally happening. Tesla Model S will go racing. For real. We saw the car a few weeks ago. Today, however, EGT Tesla V2.0 showed all the magnificent tech and specs. It’s awesome. Called the Electric GT Tesla P100DL, the car comes with the Pirelli’s P Zero slick and wet tyre.

Specifically engineered for the car, the tires should provide unprecedented levels of grip for the car. As it is based on the P100D, the electric racing Tesla has the largest 100 kWh battery in racing. This should allow our favorite fast electric car to cover up to 56 miles at racing speed. More than enough for the racing.

This time, racing Tesla lost a whooping 1,100 lbs of weight. Prepped for racing, the car does not have any creature comforts inside. All the insulation material is gone. Yet, racing shocks, racing suspension and retuned steering will radically improve cornering speeds.

Also, this particular car features fantastic aerodynamic additions such as new front aero splitter and quite substantial rear wing.

No wonder it’ll do some real damage in the corners.
Less weight and retuned suspension released added performance. This particular Tesla Model S will accelerate to 62 mph almost as fast as the Chiron. You are looking at 2.1 seconds to 62 mph. Amazing.

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