Supermodel WRECKS Ferrari 458 With A Sledgehammer!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Whenever we see a gorgeous girl posing beside an equally lovely Ferrari, the first ...

Whenever we see a gorgeous girl posing beside an equally lovely Ferrari, the first thing that comes to mind is that she’s probably there for a photoshoot. Quite likely, but in this video the girl discovers her lover sleeping with another woman and she’s pissed! Armed with a sledgehammer, she turned her rage into a Ferrari 458 Italia.

Here’s the spolier though…it’s only some fancy cinematography to demonstrate the invincibility of Forgiato rims. The clip sees supermodel Nicole Whittaker smashing dents into the side panels of the supercar, before shattering the window. For the finale, she swings the hammer at the Forgiato rims. You think the high-end set of wheels will be destroyed. Nope! Not a single dent or scratch is left on the rims, showing how much of a pounding they can take. Pretty dope, huh?

Forgiato started out as a cast wheel importer and progressed to become the present day titan in luxury custom wheel manufacturing. It is the brand of choice for footballers, NBA superstars, Hollywood A-listers, and more recently, it has been dominating the Asian market.

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