Take The Licence Away From This Stupid Driver!

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Sometimes, you are greeted with the particular scene that will make you wonder and ...

Sometimes, you are greeted with the particular scene that will make you wonder and scratch your head about what is really happening inside the person’s head.

The video below will definitely leave you confused when you see what this driver is doing. He left the vehicle parked somewhere in town. However, when he came back he saw his old Volvo the bit boxed in by two other cars.

We said the bit, he still has enough space to maneuver out of the parking place. This parking king has none of it. So, he decided to use the bumpers of his old Volvo for some good old bumping. We don’t know if he was under the influence of the mind altering substances, but he sure wasn’t thinking rationally.

He got in his vehicle, hit reverse and bumped into the parked car behind him. This is bad enough, and if it ended at that, we could’ve understand. However, when attempting to leave a parking spot, he crashed in the car in front of him.

If you think the madness can`t continue, you’re badly mistaken. He went reverse again and yet again hit the vehicle behind him.

Then, when going forward to finally exit the parking spot, it was the success…well almost. Meet the parking king in this video and bask upon his irrationality.

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