Take A Ride With Jeremy Clarkson Through Ancient Egypt!

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The Grand Tour’s first episode didn’t live up to the expectations. It ...

The Grand Tour’s first episode didn’t live up to the expectations. It couldn’t possibly have, considering all a hype that was built around it, with the promised world’s most expensive TV opening scene and all.

Well, it wasn’t just that the bar was raised too high. The show itself wasn’t exactly great either – sure, it was better than a new Top Gear, but it wasn’t better than the old one. The three were the bit rusty, it looked like the show was focusing more on being grand than being good.

Those who stuck with it, though, watched the following episodes as well, could notice things started to pick up after that dodgy debut. Well, the trio is back at it, and delivering the kind of entertainment we have come to expect.

The show’s YouTube channel, in the meantime, has kept itself busy as well. And while most of the clips are usually teasers for the upcoming episode, some of them feature exclusive content that can’t be seen anywhere else.

This video falls nicely into the latter category, and it shows a Jeremy Clarkson dressed in the white suit driving a white Alfa Romeo 4C Spider through what looks like the movie set. It’s either that or somebody built the modern hangar over an ancient Egyptian temple.

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