Take A Ride In A Tesla With Autopilot Full Self-Driving Hardware

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Tesla is back at it showcasing its updated Autopilot hardware and which provides ...

Tesla is back at it showcasing its updated Autopilot hardware and which provides both the Model X and Model S the ability to drive themselves in all conditions and the types of roads.

Last time, the electric automaker showed a system driving along some fairly uncomplicated roads on the way to Tesla’s HQ.

This particular video is far more impressive however, showing the Model X comfortably navigating th number of winding roads even with fog in the air.

Tesla’s current Autopilot system has proven itself to be very capable in the start-stop traffic and on motorways but it’s downfall has been on twisty and the hilly roads where it can often lose sight of the road markings and disengage.

Now, thanks to the firm’s hardware changes, it appears to have absolutely no difficulties, and breezing along the roads without hesitation.

With that being said, it still has the couple of stumbles. For example, at the 54 second mark, the car comes to the stop when it detects two people walking along the side of the road. Additionally, at 1:33, electric SUV suddenly brakes after making the right hand turn, seemingly confused by the array of vehicles around it.

Nevertheless, Tesla is continuing to lead a way with such systems and is on target to launching a first fully-autonomous vehicle available to consumers.

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