Taking A Cross Country Trip, Mark Halliday Stops By The Garage To Show Jay His Gorgeous 1974 Jensen Interceptor

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The Oil Crisis of the ’70s has changed the consumer preference in cars, and ...

The Oil Crisis of the ’70s has changed the consumer preference in cars, and some brands did not make the cut. Jensen was one of the automakers that had to close its gates, the company never recovered.

Luckily, out of the 6,400 Jensen Interceptors that were built, many have survived through the decades. Well, one of them ended up in the hands of Mark Halliday, who lives in Massachusetts. So, he decided to go on the country road trip of the lifetime, and the drive included the visit to Jay Leno’s Garage.

The comedian and TV celebrity welcomed the visit with open arms, and Jay Leno was happy to see the 1974 Jensen Interceptor in his garage.

The car in the video is the Mark III Jensen Interceptor, which entered production in 1971. It became the most popular version of this model, and which gathered over 3,400 sales across its production life. Its sleek design is owed to the Italians at the Carrozzeria Touring.

The Jensen Interceptor was the 2+2 coupe that was powered by the V8 engine sourced from Chrysler. The engine was available in multiple displacement versions across the life of this vehicle, and it ranged from 5.9 liters (360 CUI), to 7.2 liters. Gearbox options were the four-speed manual transmission, and the three-speed Torqueflite automatic.

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