Teenager Riding Bike Over The ROOF Of A $185k Lamborghini

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You have to hand it to the kid in the video below: He’s a pretty big badass. You ...

You have to hand it to the kid in the video below: He’s a pretty big badass. You also have to condemn the kid in the video below: He’s a pretty big dumbass.

This clip was shot on the Lamborghini Gallardo’s dash cam in Singapore. Thanks to a dash cam mounted inside the owner was able to see his beloved supercar get used as the bicycle ramp. Yes, this kid actually had stones to ride his bicycle up and over a Lambo.

Suprisingly, the guy who owned the car had the good attitude about the whole thing. Before we get into the reaction from this vehicle’s owner, check out the footage first. It’s exactly what you would expect, which is to say cringeworthy.

Aaron Rylan, the vehicle’s owner, posted the dash cam video to Facebook. Well, his post read in part: I had lodge the police report at 1533hrs after i managed to download the videos of a said Mischief Act.

They FLED right After the Said Act. Well, looks Fun. With All Due Respect, to protect the interest of the 2 Boys (in this video), I [sic] shall not discuss on the damages on the social media.

I prefer to settle it privately. Police investigations Are On-Going. And I would sincerely hope the 2 boys can come forward to settle the damages and everybody can continue with our lives.

So, friends, mothers, fathers, uncles and aunties to kindly educate your children and to think before performing such Acts or at least Find A car Without An in-Car Camera!”

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