Ten Amazing Concept Cars That Will Define The Future! The Car In No. 4 Is Just So Insane!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos


4. BMW Gina
BMW Gina will either amaze or amuse you or maybe you will feel both. It is absolutely one of a kind and if there is one perfect word to describe it, it would be “Insane”. The GINA Light Visionary Model is a fabric-skinned shape-shifting sports car concept built by BMW. GINA stands for “Geometry and functions In ‘N’ Adaptations”. BMW said the flexible, stretchable water resistant translucent man-made fabric skin – polyurethane-coated Spandex, is resilient and durable. It resists high or low temperatures, does not swell or shrink and the movement does not slacken or damage the fabric. The body changes its shape according to exterior conditions and speeds, and it also allows the driver to change its shape at will. The unusual name for the concept vehicle has amused some commentators. A few have compared the opening on the bonnet/hood to a vagina.