The Ten Craziest Custom Motorcycles!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos


1992 Suzuki GSX Turbine

Marine Turbine Technologies were not messing around when they created the insane GSX Turbine. The Orlando, Florida-based powerboat racer built by Tony Pandolfo is an immaculate custom bike that provides impressive style and ridiculous power. Weighing just 84 lbs. and producing a whopping 300 lb.-ft. of torque, the jet engine allowed the bike to fly through the streets and turn heads anywhere it went. Jet turbine aside, this GSX-R is mostly stock, and Pandolfo hopes to put his unique creation into production for all to enjoy!



The unassuming lime green ZRX1200R looks like your average Kawasaki at first glance. However, when you look close you will notice that the ZRX is missing some key elements including; the emptiness behind the cylinder block (where carburetors usually go); the single-shock rear suspension in place of twin shocks; and the inverted fork assembly. The reasoning behind this is because the unique project bike features Hayabusa parts in place of the classic ZRX1200’s. The result is an incredible bike that impresses any motorcycle enthusiast.


Turbocharged Slugger

Swedish bike builder Stellan Egeland built the one of a kind Slugger and shocked everyone who witnessed it. Using the BMW HP2 Sport, Egeland discarded virtually everything from the stock motorcycle except the twin-cylinder, 1200cc Boxer engine. Everything about this custom bike was given massive consideration and the result is one of the most breathtaking project bikes you will ever see. Equipped with a turbocharger the slugger flies down the road thanks to 202bhp  of raw power. Egeland still rides the Slugger almost daily, and he’s even had it out on the racetrack. Looks like a home run to us.