The Terrifying Moment A Car Rear Ends An SUV Causing It To Flip In Front Of Speeding Traffic On A Motorway In Sydney

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No matter how many times we keep watching the video below, we can’t shake a ...

No matter how many times we keep watching the video below, we can’t shake a feeling that absolutely everything that could have gone wrong, went wrong.

Not only did this driver of that blue Toyota Celica fail at avoiding the vehicle in front (you can see that he tried by steering left), and he ultimately ended up crashing into the stationary vehicle as well.

After this silver RAV4 got hit from behind, it immediately rolled over on its side, slid across two lanes of traffic, causing the pileup as trailing vehicles slammed into it and into each other. A sort of the perfect storm if you’ll.

This incident occurred two weeks ago on a M5 motorway in Sydney, Australia, with the total of seven vehicles involved.

According to the Daily Mail, two people, the 60-year old and the 24-year old man were taken to the local hospital with minor injuries.

If you scroll through the video’s comments section, you will see the lot of people shifting some blame to the driver of this semi truck for essentially tailgating the vehicle in front and not maintaining the safer distance.

While that may be worth debating, well, the police confirmed that nobody was responsible for how this incident began, except for this driver of the Toyota Celica.

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