Terrifying Video Shows Woman Trying To Stop Car Theft

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

There are many ways one can react when their vehicle is getting stolen. You can ...

There are many ways one can react when their vehicle is getting stolen. You can yell to the high heavens, and quietly accept you are losing a second most expensive thing you own, call the authorities, or act like the woman in this video.

Actually, we at Legendaryspeed highly recommend you don’t follow in her footsteps. The video below begins with our heroine filling up her white Subaru Outback at the gas pump in Milwaukee, Wisconsin when the black Cadillac pulls up and the thief jumps out.

This thief quickly makes his way to the driver’s seat and attempts to pull away. And as he is doing so, she jumps on the hood of the vehicle, literally risking her life as he tries to exit a gas station.

There is really only one instance where the such actions would be somewhat understandable—that would be if your kids are in the vehicle.

If little Joey was in the back seat during this ordeal, and most people would do anything in their own power to prevent the thief from getting away. Well, if your vehicle is free of little rascals, there is no way to justify putting your life in danger.

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