Tesla Autopilot: Driving Autonomously? NO LINES! And NO Lead Vehicle!

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The semi-autonomous system in Tesla’s vehicles sometimes relies on having ...

The semi-autonomous system in Tesla’s vehicles sometimes relies on having the lead car that it can follow, as well as reading all sorts of other information such as road markings.

One of the questions that have always been casting the shadow over the whole autonomous driving thing was how will the car be able to see where it’s going on the road that’s completely covered in snow? With no visible bearings and the lot of confusing information for the video cameras, the car must find it impossible to know which way to go.

Well, one answer to that question might be that until the solution is found, cars will continue to have the steering wheel and pedals, so whenever this happens, we will simply have to take over and let the AI rest for the while. Another answer, apparently, is Tesla.

In the video released the other days, KmanAuto shows us his Model S cruising through the snow-covered two-lane road without much difficulty. The vehicle does drive very slowly, but that was probably the same speed the reasonable human driver would have used as well.

The system appears to detect the snow bank on the side of the road, it presumably uses that for guidance. The author of this video insists the vehicle wouldn’t have probably engaged the Autopilot on the road such as this before the latest update, but he says it fared without any hiccups now.

Still, about midway through a video, you can see the police SUV parked on the other side of the road. Whether by coincidence or not, the video below ends abruptly as KmanAuto decided to take back control since a patrol vehicle was now on his tails.

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