Tesla Model S Autopilot Failure Is Reminder That Humans Should Drive

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We humans like to think pretty highly of ourselves, but every once in the while we ...

We humans like to think pretty highly of ourselves, but every once in the while we get a wake up call to remind us to stay humble.

Self-driving vehicles and artificial intelligence are supposed to be the last barrier for the humanity to break before we can really pat ourselves on the back for being brainiacs, and so far as this video shows us, we still have the ways to go.

This upload comes to us from YouTuber Scott S, the owner of two Teslas equipped with Autopilot 2.0.

Around the time a hardware was being unveiled, Tesla’s update was touted as being one of the most sophisticated systems on the market with the army of ultrasonic, radar, and cameras keeping watch to ensure the Tesla was equipped to handle driving around in a city.

To Tesla’s credit, CEO Elon Musk warned a public via Twitter that the system was not as refined as it should be for reliable performance, reminding us that the driver had to remain attentive and be ready to take over car operation at any timer.

Scott S. learned that as his Model S was traversing the dark road when suddenly, it began to veer to the left and towards the curb.

Commenters speculated that it could have been the issue with the camera’s calibration given that Elon Musk previously mentioned some cars would need adjustment of the camera’s pitch angle, and Scott S. claimed that it was more likely the

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