Tesla Model S Can Be A Drift King As It Is Demonstrated Here

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So, the Tesla Model S appeared in almost every conceivable drag race ever. It ...

So, the Tesla Model S appeared in almost every conceivable drag race ever. It raced everything from modded trucks to supercars and even hypercars. Many of the races you could witness on our channel, but today we have something different. Finally, the Model S will show us its “hidden” features. Watch it drifting and making epic burnouts. You thought it couldn’t do it!? Well, it can and we are not surprised. Even the least powerful model has a lot of power. It disposes with somewhere around 350hp and it sends all that to the back wheels.

Killing tires is a lot of fun. That is a fact. Drifting is a lot of fun too. Just bear in mind there is a Formula Drift competition and movies are made about the drift culture. Remember the Tokyo Drift?

Now, the Tesla Model S was not actually present at the time when drifting started its evolution process. So, car community has not actually linked the Tesla Model S, or any other EV for that matter, with these activities. Well, the times have changed and the Tesla is drifting.

So, with the next car movie, we’d like to ask the producers to include some Tesla Model S drifting in it.

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