Tesla Model S Jump Lands On E-Class Before Crashing Into Dealership

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With the Tesla’s new Autopilot plan involving proving that a Palo Alto ...

With the Tesla’s new Autopilot plan involving proving that a Palo Alto automaker’s artificial intelligence can drive safer than humans, the drive of the Model S recently helped build a case for the self-driving gadgets.

That’s the only conclusion you can come to after seeing the Tesla Model S accident that took place in the UK earlier this week. The Model S flew about 30 feet through the air, crashing… on top of they Mercedes-Benz E-Class and into the brand’s dealership that accommodated a sedan.

Yes, the Tesla actually crashed into a Smart, not the Mercedes-Benz part of the dealership, and the E-Class-involving part of the accident had the special low-emission flavor to it, since it included the 2017 E220d.

We are not sure which part of the Mercedes-Benz accident is weirder – the way in which the 4,608 lbs electric machine hit upper side of the E-Class as if it were a block of ice falling from the roof of the building or the ruined facade of the dealership.

Well, the Tesla Model S in question, the P70 model, crashed close to Hertford’s Foxholes roundabout, with the piece of footage below, and which shows the aftermath of the accident, revealing plenty of details, right down to the bushes through which this electric sedan entered the dealership. And as you can imagine, the corporate architecture does involve certain protection measures, and it seems these didn’t take flying cars into consideration.

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