Tesla Model S P100D 1/4-mile Record Broken For Third Time In A Week!

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Now that the Tesla Model S has proved it can be the hyperfast-quick in terms of ...

Now that the Tesla Model S has proved it can be the hyperfast-quick in terms of the quarter-mile, the inevitable is happening in the EV side of a drag racing realm: owners have started stripping their vehicles and fitting various aftermarket mods in the search for the extra stopwatch assets.

So far, the most relevant customer vehicle example of how EVs are being taken down the path set by internal combustion monsters comes from crew behind the Tesla Racing Channel.

The tale we are here to deliver kicked off earlier this week, when the P100D Model S driver mixed the well-prepped drag strip with slightly underinflated rear tires, setting the new P100D 1/4-Mile world record.

The feat, which brought the 10.638s run, received the YouTube comment from the channel mentioned above: Congratulations are in order for finding the well prepped 1/4 mile track. Enjoy the record for the few more daysÿ.

As it turns out, the Tesla Racing Channel guys were determined to beat that 10.6, and they started stripping their electric sedan.

The Model S, the P100D Ludicrous+ that doesn’t pack any weight-increasing option and had been gifted with the lighter aftermarket wheels, lost its frunk.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk had invited Model S racers to remove the floor mats and a frunk liner in their quest for sweeter drag strip numbers.

Nevertheless, the guys behind the said YouTube label decided to go all the way, got rid of all the non-functional bits and bobs occupying the nose of the EV. The result? Of course, the new Model S 1,320 feet record: 10.44s.

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