Tesla Model S P100D Ludicrous Plus Dyno Testing On A Mustang Dyno

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It seems that Tesla Model S P100D just can’t stay out of the spotlights and ...

It seems that Tesla Model S P100D just can’t stay out of the spotlights and most of the attention the electric sedan has been receiving lately comes and thanks to its Ludicrous Plus mode.

The latest adventure of the EV sees the example being strapped to the dyno, with jaw-dropping performance ensuing. As if the Palo Alto machine were the wild horse, the Model S gave the dyno operator the incredibly hard time.

The thing was tested on the Mustang all wheel dyno – from pulling power due to detecting that it was not actually moving, to lowering itself as a speed increased, which loosened the straps, and it took no less than eight runs to get things right.

Willing to ensure that both the car and the dyno survive the pulls, the driver skipped the standing start, starting the runs at 30 mph.

Even so, as you will be able to notice on the graphs provided in this video, wheelspin was still present during the initial phases of the stunt.

In the end, the wheel output figures of the Model S P100D raised to a monstrous 920 lb-ft and 588 horsepower. As for estimating how much of the boost would be brought by a slip-less pull, we will leave that to a potential future attempt of the sort.

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