Tesla Model S P100D Ludicrous Test, 2.7 sec To 60 MPH In The RAIN

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Tesla instantly went viral when announcing a P100D is the quickest production ...

Tesla instantly went viral when announcing a P100D is the quickest production vehicle in the world earlier this fall, but what happens when a P100D’s Ludicrous Mode gets all wet? Truth be told, we have seen traction control electronics being poorly calibrated for wet take-offs.

So we are here to see how the P100D performs its world record launch control when a road is soaking wet. With Tesla being fully aware of all eyes being on the company, you can expect the EV engineers to have done their best.

And this is exactly what the carmaker did – as you will get to see in the video below, the electric sedan has no issue with rainy launches. And yes, all the water on the asphalt means the Tesla Model S P100D adds about 0.2 seconds to its 2.5s 0 to 60 mph the sprint time, and don’t expect the all-wheel-drive machine to fret about it.

This is also the excellent opportunity for us to reinforce the fact that the Tesla Model S P100D is the quickest, not the fastest production vehicle in the world, as in acceleration versus top speed, respectively.

Then again, there is one aspect of the record we need to discuss, it all has to do with the Rimac Concept One. We have seen the Polish hypercar duking it out with the Model S, but not the P100D.

Nevertheless, we will remind you the Concept One did out accelerate both the LaFerrari and the Porsche 918 Spyder. Until we get to see the Tesla vs. Rimac battle, though, we are inviting you to check out the soaking wet P100D action in the video below.

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