Tesla Model S Runs Into A Gym And The Blame Game Continues

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Back in 2011, Toyota went through the nasty patch when some of its cars started ...

Back in 2011, Toyota went through the nasty patch when some of its cars started suffering from a disease called Sudden Unintended Acceleration. In other words, the vehicles wanted to go faster and did everything they could to make sure it happened.

And all the drivers had to do to prevent that was to hit the brakes, put the vehicle in Neutral and bring it to the safe stop. But depending on when the unexpected thrust happened, things could get slightly more complicated than that. That is partly how you can explain the 16 deaths and 243 injuries associated with the over 2,000 reported incidents.

Unlike Volkswagen’s Dieselgate, a fallout from the Toyota’s scandal was surprisingly limited, with the Japanese brand cruising on top of world’s sales chart at the moment.

The CCTV footage inside the gym shows the electric sedan attempting to park right in front of a building. With the maneuver all but complete, the vehicle appears to accelerate for no reason and crashes into a front door. Fortunately, nobody was hurt.

The incident took place on the 9th of August, and it has only just now captured the media attention thanks to Electrek. Glad nobody was killed and a valuable lesson learned.

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