TESLA P100D LUDICROUS PLUS Easter Egg 1/4 Mile Testing!

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Certain Model S drivers out there take a drag racing abilities of the Model S just ...

Certain Model S drivers out there take a drag racing abilities of the Model S just as seriously as Tesla itself and all this velocity determination had now led to the new request for the Palo Alto carmaker.

Elon Musk has recently promised a Ludicrous+ sprinting Easter Egg delivered earlier this week, which sees the P100D’s 0 to 60 mph time dropping by 0.1s to 2.4s and will be taken even further, spilling the beans on the potential upgrade that would deliver the 2.34s time.

However, while that might be enough for the electric sedan to keep a title of the world’s quickest production vehicle back into the Palo Alto trophy cabinet (think: Faraday Future competition), it seems drivers such as the ones mentioned in the intro want even more performance.

Let’s take the YouTubers over at a Tesla Racing Channel, for instance. Those guys have been putting the Model S through its paces for two years now. Quite the lot of their hooning, which has been brought into a vlog realm one year ago, has taken place at the drag strip.

When you are out there on the prepped surface and see GT-Rs packing four-digit outputs switching from the all-wheel-drive to rear-wheel-drive in order to heat up their rear tires, you will want such the feature on your Tesla.

So yes, the YT label is asking Tesla to come up with the temporary RWD mode that would allow the Model S to perform the familiar pre-race burnout. You will get to see the request, as well as the Vbox-documented Ludicrous+ 0-60 run in the clip below.

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