Tesla’s Emergency Braking System Prevented A Serious Accident

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Sometimes, it doesn’t take the extremely complicated safety system in order ...

Sometimes, it doesn’t take the extremely complicated safety system in order for your car to help you get out of the sticky situation.

What happens in the video below is a perfect example of that, since it involves the pre-collision warning system (which is something you will find on several vehicles these days) and the fact that Tesla’s Autopilot tech was inactive during the maneuver.

A Jeep Grand Cherokee took the exit causing the trailing SUV to get on the brakes hard, that’s when the Tesla Model X warned its driver that he was quickly approaching the vehicle that was in the process of becoming stationary.

It also looks like the driver of the Model X did the good job braking from 49 mph (79 km/h) to a stand still in the relatively short distance, although the noise alert probably helped his reaction time considerably.

We would like to think this sort of incident proves that regardless if your vehicle is fully autonomous, semi-autonomous or even just the regular car, if you are paying attention to the road, odds are you will be able to keep yourself safe without the help of any active safety tech.

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