Test Of ARMR Harada Leather Suit For BikeThrottle

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Crashing your motorcycle can be the painful event, both physical and mentally. ...

Crashing your motorcycle can be the painful event, both physical and mentally. Heck, even the minor spill can hurt, and this didn’t stop this rider here from asking to be dragged by the car across the asphalt to see how it feels like to skid in leathers.

The idea came when DriveTribe user Shaun Pope saw the journalist called John Cantlie doing the same thing the few years ago and he was describing about his crotch area heating up during a skidding phase.

I’ve had this weird idea for the while, one of those ideas that doesn’t go away and gets worse on the drunken Friday evening out, Shaun wrote in a post.

This idea ended in the email to the guys at ARMR Moto who provided me with one of their Harada one-piece suits. And they were happy to let me wreck it for the purposes of very scientific testing. Or being dragged behind the car until I screamed like a girl…

So, he hopped in the leathers, strapped some rope to the back end of the Peugeot, laid down behind, told the driver to pull him. The procedure got repeated and Shaun could test out sliding both on this back and his belly.

He managed to resist some solid 20 seconds before things got nasty, it started to hurt bad, moment when he yelled at the driver to stop. This experiment led to some conclusions eventually.

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