That’s Going To Be An Expensive Day For This Renault Clio Driver

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Some Nurburgring Touristenfahrten sessions go smoother than others, we’re ...

Some Nurburgring Touristenfahrten sessions go smoother than others, we’re now here to show you such the even that ended badly for a track day aficionados who had decided to rent the Renault Clio RS.

The hot hatch ended up getting crashed while tackling the Schwedenkreuz, one of the most dangerous twists on a famous German track – the no-visibility turn follow the long straight that allows even the average-powered machines to hit frightening speeds.

The said bend has claimed tons and tons of the RS Renaults, but this accident is different to the one we have shown you so far. That is because the Clio seems to lose grip and end up in a guardrail after having touched the BMW M4.

Thanks to this video, we can see the damaged corners of the Clio RS and the M4. If we factor in a hefty Schwedenkreuz entry speeds mentioned above, it seems only normal for a go-fast compact to have gone sliding.

In theory, drivers attending the public sessions on the Nurburgring should only pass on the left, and while leaving decent room for error.

Nevertheless, since this doesn’t always apply, we can’t be sure who was at fault just by looking at which corners of the two vehicles are affected.

However, we can’t deny a fact that the Renault Clio RS took some extreme damage in the barrier accident.

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