There’s A Freaking Nissan Leaf EV Hearse Out There

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Brits will go green to their final resting place. Brahms Electric Vehicles from ...

Brits will go green to their final resting place. Brahms Electric Vehicles from England revealed their Nissan Leaf converted into a hearse. Actually, the company already built three cars and sold two.

The thing about it is simple – eco-friendliness. At least, that is what Richard from Leverton and Sons from London says about the car. The other thing about it may be the lack of noise.The last thing anyone wants on a funeral is the noise of hard engine knocking.

Transforming the car required a fair amount of change to the Nissan Leaf. First of all, Brahms ripped off the seats from one side of the vehicle. Then, they made a fine platform powered by electric motors. It seems that a casket can fit comfortable on it.

True, the driver sits basically next to the casket, but thanks to a large window on the casket side, passersby can have a good last look at the deceased.

Interestingly, the Nissan Leaf hearse is actually cheaper compared to the classic hearses. In Europe, some funeral services ordered a transformed Tesla Model S, a Maserati Ghibli, and other cars as a hearse, so it’s not a surprise to see something as exotic as this in service.

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