The Thing Reviewed And You HAVE To Watch It To Believe It

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Could you ever buy anything as insane as the Volkswagen Thing? As the German ...

Could you ever buy anything as insane as the Volkswagen Thing? As the German military vehicle, the Thing is all about ruggedness, simplicity, and crudeness.

It is awesome because of that. Doug DeMuro had a chance to drive one – it is a rental car, believe it or not – and what he concluded is hilarious. The Thing Is Slow, Old, Unsafe… and Amazing.

While you may be better off driving the 1980s Honda, the Volkswagen Thing actually has so much character we would be fools not to include it among the most epic cars ever built.

The car was sold in the US from 1971 to 1975. Not many were sold and thus this marvel is not a common sight in this day and age. What is impressive about it is its chassis design and the incredible simplicity.

It shares some of its merits with the Beetle and the Volkswagen Bus. The engine is at the back (46hp engine), the lights are from a Beetle or something and the windows can be removed altogether.

While the car definitely needs a whole lot of things to make it safe, the fact is that it is a lot of fun. No other car could give this much quirkiness and uniqueness ever.

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